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Welcome to Walker Avenue Apartments!

Walker is an upper-class apartment style community designated specifically for UMBC students with 39+ credits. Walker is also the exclusive on campus location for UMBC graduate students and 5th-year residential students.  Management of Walker is shared by both Capstone On-Campus Management and UMBC Residential Life.  While Walker is located on campus, it is owned by the Maryland Economic Development Corporation.  To apply to live in our community, please visit the  UMBC Residential Website.

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  • 909 Walker Avenue
  • Catonsville, MD 21228
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Walker Avenue Apartments Management

Walker Avenue is a public-private partnership facility owned and controlled by the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO).  Capstone On-Campus Management is agent to MEDCO in the operation of Walker Avenue Apartments.  Walker Avenue Apartments is considered university-affiliated housing, since it is located on the campus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and operates with the oversight of UMBC; however, Walker Avenue Apartments IS NOT owned by UMBC.

Housing Sign-Up

Students interested in living at Walker Avenue Apartments must complete the Online Application through the Residential Life housing portal.   Any applications received will be vetted by UMBC Residential Life for eligibility before offers may be issued to applicants.  Offers for the current semester will be based on available spaces within the building at the time of the application.  Offers will contain licenses for completion, and will be due along with a $200 Reservation Fee by the deadline specified within the offer notification.

Offers for the current semester will be made via email, so check your UMBC email account regularly. We recommend that you check your junk/spam folders as well. General licenses are signed via the University’s online StarRez software, and Licenses specific to your assigned Term and Room Type /Guarantor Forms are sent/completed via DocuSign.

The housing application for the 2024 – 2025 academic year will open to current on-campus students on March 4th, 2024.


In order to be eligible to live at Walker Avenue Apartments, a student:

  • -Must have completed 39 credits prior to submitting the application.
  • -Must not have an outstanding balance of $250 or more with UMBC or Walker Avenue Apartments.
  • -Must be a currently enrolled UMBC resident or commuter who completed a “Commuter Pass” with a current resident.
  • -Graduate and fifth-year residential students choosing to live on-campus are only eligible to live at Walker.

Housing Selection

Current UMBC students may be eligible for participation in the Housing Selection Process during the spring semester.  Housing Selection is the process by which current on-campus UMBC residents are able to apply, sign their license, form roommate groups, and choose their apartment for the upcoming year.  In order for current students to participate, applications must be completed via the UMBC Housing Portal starting March 4th.  Applications will be accepted as space permits, up to 500 licenses, or until March 8th at 5pm, whichever comes first.  Roommate groups can be formed from the date of application submission until March 15th, at 5pm.  Housing Selection for those students who have completed a WAA license will take place on March 27 & 28.  Housing Selection pick time and date priority is based on group credit average.  Pick times will be sent to eligible participants on March 25th.   For more information about the Housing Selection Process, please reference UMBC Residential Life’s application page.  

Current commuting students must complete a “Commuter Pass” with a current resident if they are interested in participating in the Housing Selection process.  The Commuter Pass form will be available starting February 19th. 

Any students who are interested in applying to Walker for the Fall 2024 term but are not eligible for the Housing Selection process will need to complete the General Interest Application, starting March 9th, to be placed on the waitlist and will receive offers after April 1st, based on availability once the Housing Selection processes has concluded for current on-campus residents.

    Financial Aid Deferment

    Walker Avenue Apartments offers an option for those students who are awaiting refunds from the University due to Scholarship or Financial Aid awards to defer fall and/or spring payment until that refund is received.

    Students interested in this option must first complete all steps necessary to be eligible for Financial Aid. Please visit  UMBC Financial Aid for more details.

    In addition to completing the Financial Aid application process, students must submit a Financial Aid/Scholarship Payment Plan Addendum each semester. Deadline for this form is August 1st for Fall semester and December 1st for Spring semester. Addendum can be found under the  Applications & Forms tab.

    Campus Dining

    PLEASE NOTE Although Walker Avenue Apartment residents are NOT required to have a meal plan, they are eligible to purchase one through UMBC Campus Dining. For more information, please visit:  UMBC Campus Dining

    Top 10 Reasons To Live On Campus

    1. Leadership opportunities
    2. Defer license payment until Fin Aid is disbursed
    3. Academic success*
    4. Easier to be involved on campus
    5. Save money on gas
    6. Convenience
    7. A diverse cultural experience
    8. No commuting hassles
    9. On campus dining services
    10. The total college experience

    *research suggests that students who live on campus tend to get better grades and are more likely to complete their college education

    Information Sessions

    Interested in learning more?  See below for upcomming information sessions held in conjunction with UMBC Residential Life during spring of 2024.

    For additional information regarding the application process and timeline at UMBC, please refer to the following resources: