Current Residents

Resident Portal

Welcome Current Residents!

Our residents make Walker Avenue Apartments a home away from home. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and we hope you are successful in your academic endeavors. Please, let our staff know if there is anything you need or would like to see in the future at Walker Avenue Apartments. We take your feedback seriously and enjoy receiving fresh ideas.

Registering For the Resident Portal

Walker Avenue Apartments utilizes Resident Portal, an online system for work orders, room condition reports, and payments. All residents of Walker Avenue are encouraged to sign up for Resident Portal.

  • -Click on Resident Portal
  • -In the sign in box, click “Sign Up Now” located in the bottom left corner.
  • -Please enter all required information: 1) UMBC email address, 2) your assigned apartment number, 3) your first and last name, and 4) a valid phone number, where you can be reached.
  • -It may take up to one business day for your account to be activated.


Guarantor Access to the Resident Portal

For your Guarantor to have access to your account through the Resident Portal, you will need to authorize their registration. Please log into the portal, select the “contacts” heading, select your Guarantor’s name, click “update information”, check the box “allow contact to log into the portal”, and click “save” at the bottom of the page. Your Guarantor is now able to register for the Resident Portal.

Room Condition Reports

After moving in, you will need to complete your Room Condition Report (RCR). You must complete your RCR within seven (7) days of moving into your apartment. After seven (7) days, the Management staff will mark the RCR as complete and any damages noted upon move-out will be billed to your account.  To complete your RCR, sign into the resident portal to follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the “RCR” tab.
  2. Click on “View.”
  3. Complete each section of the RCR: Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, and Other.
    -If all items in the room are satisfactory, click “Mark All Good” to mark all items as good.
  4. For any item which is not in good condition with little to no wear and tear, change the selection to one of the following:
    – “Repair” if the item is damaged and needs to be repaired, fixed, or cleaned.
    – “Note” if the item is damaged but does not need to be repaired (i.e. wall has a small scuff mark but doesn’t need to be painted).
  5. Enter a description of the damage for any item that you didn’t mark a status of “Good.” Be as specific and concise as possible.
  6. While entering the condition of your room, save your RCR periodically to prevent loss of data due to a time-out of your account. You can save your RCR by hitting the return button and then re-entering the RCR from your resident portal account.
  7. Click “Submit Inspection” to enter your RCR into the system. Once the RCR is completed, it is no longer available for editing.


Management Review of RCRs

The RCR will be reviewed by the management staff and if there are any items which require repairs, a work order will be created within one business day. If any of the items requiring repairs are an emergency, please contact the office or the RA on duty immediately.


Inspection App

**Please note that completing the RCR using the Safari web browser will result in the inability to sign and submit the form. If you are unable to use another web browser, we recommend downloading the Property Boss Inspector App to complete your RCR via your mobile device.


Work Orders

Should you experience a maintenance problem in your apartment during your stay at Walker, our full-time courteous and professional maintenance staff will be happy to assist you!  Maintenance at Walker Avenue Apartments is separate from the University and NOT connected to FixIt. 

Work orders for your Walker apartment can be submitted by logging on to the Resident Portal or by calling the Management Office between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm at 443-612-7541. We strive to resolve all work orders within one business day, Monday through Friday.  However, please note that delays may occur due to availability of parts, volume of requests, and other emergency circumstances that may require our immediate attention.  Any non-emergency requests received after 4:00 pm will be completed the next business day.  After hours maintenance emergencies should be called in to the RA on duty at 443-869-0946 for stacks 1-5 or 443-869-0937 for stacks 6-12.


Submitting a Work Order Via The Resident Portal

  • -Click on the Resident Portal Link and log into your account.
  • -Click on the “Work Orders” tab at the top right-hand side of the screen, then click “Enter a New Work Order” at the top.
  • -Select the task to be completed from the drop-down menu.
  • -In the space below please type a detailed description of your issue.
  • -Provide a good contact phone number just in case we need to follow up with you.
  • -Indicate whether or not we have permission to enter your apartment by clicking the radio button.

Internet and TV Service At Walker

Television Streaming Service 

Walker/UMBC works with Comcast Xfinity to provide IPTV, which is internet based, and does not utilize a coaxial cable.  Residents can use the streaming service both on campus and off-campus on their laptop or mobile device and UMBC login. Residents can also store up to 20 hours of television on the DVR. In order to utilize this service directly through your television, you must have a 2017 Samsung TV (or newer) or a Roku. You can always elect to connect your laptop or mobile device to your television via HDMI or a mirroring service. To start streaming, visit xfinityoncampus.comselect UMBC, and login using your UMBC credentials.



Hard-wired internet access is available in each bedroom; one high-speed internet jack per student. Wireless access is available in all common areas and rooms. Internet on campus is provided by Comcast at a speed of 100Mbps Down/100Mbps Up. Additional information is available by accessing UMBC’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) network page.

Connectivity Issues?  IPTV and internet problems should be reported to the DoIT Helpdesk at 410-455-3838 or by submitting an RT ticket with UMBC.


Receiving Your Mail

Who doesn’t love mail?

When having a package sent to you, please use this guide for your mailing address:

Your Name
Walker Avenue Apartments
909 Walker Ave., Apt. {your apartment number and letter}
Catonsville, MD, 21228


Outgoing Mail

To send prepaid postage outgoing mail (letters), please use the USPS outgoing mail slot just inside the Management Office door.  Please note that we do not sell postage at the management office and cannot ship out boxes or other packages.  To send packages or purchase mailing materials such as packaging tape, envelopes, and stamps, please visit the UMBC Campus Card and Mail Services Office.

Where to Retrieve Your Mail

If your mail is sent by USPS and is small enough to fit in a mail box, your mail will be placed in your apartment mail box by the postal worker.  If you reside in stacks 1-5, you will find your mailbox in the clubhouse vestibule, labeled using the last three digits of your apartment number.  If you reside in stacks 6-12, you will find your mailbox in the management office vestibule, labeled using the last three digits of your apartment number.

The management office will send your mailbox combination to you prior to checking in.  However, you can always stop by the management office if you need your combination and we will provide it to you.

Please note, the combination is used by turning the dial LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, unlike most combination locks. Turn the dial three times to the left and land on the first number. Then turn the dial right, past the first number once and stop on the second number. Turn to the left again and stop at the third number. Finally, turn the dial right and open the box simultaneously. There are signs posted beside each mailbox location as a reminder.

If you receive a package from another carrier, such as UPS, Amazon, or FedEx, the management office will receive and sign for your package on your behalf.  We will then send you an e-mail notification to stop by the office during business hours to retrieve your package.  Just remember to bring your UMBC ID for verification!

Due to limited office space, we kindly ask that residents please retrieve all larger packages by the end of business day on the date of delivery.  Unclaimed packages will be held for a maximum of 7 days before the packages will be returned to sender.  If you are unable to retrieve your package, you may reply to our package notification email with the full name of the person authorized to pick-up the package on your behalf, along with their expected date of pick-up. Please be sure your authorized person brings a photo ID during package pick-up.


1. Go to, a log on is required.
2. Click on the link that says “Manage Parking Account” to register your vehicle.

  • To deactivate a vehicle, submit a written request to Provide the vehicle information and reason for deactivation.
  • To obtain a student permit: Log onto; Manage Parking Account; Purchase Permit. Follow the prompts to order your permit.
  • Permits will not be automatically renewed each year. In mid-August, students can go online to verify and/or update their vehicle information and request permits for the upcoming academic year.

Visitor parking is available at metered spaces located at the Walker Avenue Garage. Meters are enforced Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 9pm. UMBC will ticket cars parked in the Capstone parking spaces in Lots 20 and 21. Please instruct your visitors to keep these spaces clear and please make other parking arrangements for yourself. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter. A VALID UMBC PERMIT must be on-file with UMBC Parking service for any vehicle parked in any non-metered space. Failure to register  vehicle may result in the issuance of a violation. Virtual permits are enforced year round. Campus parking lots are permit enforced Monday through Thursday from 7am to 7pm and on Friday from 7am to 3:30pm.

Parking spaces listed as “permit required” or “reserved” WILL BE TICKETED and/or TOWED! Posted signage overrides written regulations.

License Fee Payment Options

CREDIT/ELECTRONIC CHECKS:  Please visit the   Resident Portal

HARD COPY CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS: Checks or money orders made payable to Walker Avenue Apartments can be delivered or mailed to the Walker Management Office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm).

909 Walker Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228

Hours of Operation
(909 Walker Avenue)

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm (Professional Staff), 5pm – 10pm (Student Staff)

Saturday 9am – 10pm (Student Staff)

Sunday 3pm – 10pm (Student Staff)

Community Living

The Walker Avenue Apartments Leasing Office has great confidence in the leadership and student development direction embraced within the entire Division of Student Affairs and we are proud partners with UMBC’s Residential Life program. We value our community staff (CD and RAs) for the work they do, and also Residential Life’s main office staff in Erickson Hall who support our operations through occupancy eligibility, marketing, after-hours assistance, overall guidance, and leadership.

In return, we embrace Residential Life philosophies and encourage all Walker residents to be mindful of the Community Living Principles of UMBC Residential Life and how they may be brought to fruition within Walker Avenue Apartments.

Community Living Principles of UMBC Residential Life

Create a Just and Supportive Community

  • Never prop open doors and secure doors that you find propped open
  • Evacuate quickly if you hear a fire alarm.
  • Allow only your current roommates to use the laundry equipment in your apartment.
  • Never give out your ID card.
  • Understand the difference between having a guest over and allowing someone to co-habitate  in your apartment. Do not allow someone who is not a roommate to co-habitate in your apartment.
  • Do not leave your guest(s) unattended in your apartment.
  • Pay your license fees on time.
  • Pay attention to and heed all deadlines.
  • Complete your room condition report.
  • If you break something, report it and take responsibility for it.
  • If you find something broken, report it.

Seek to Understand and Honor Others

  • Ask for rationale if you have questions about Management Office practices and procedures.
  • Identify roommates who will assist you in your personal and academic growth.
Engage in the UMBC Experience

  • Utilize your resident portal for account management and for work orders.
  • Help make Walker Avenue Apartments a great UMBC experiences by:
    • Properly disposing of trash in the large dumpsters behind Buildings 1 and 3.
    • Caring for your appliances and furnishings.
    • Keeping your apartment clean.
    • Promptly submitting work orders.
    • Retrieve your packages quickly.
    • Giving constructive and positive feedback to the Management Office.
    • Reporting those who damage the property or endanger others.
    • Picking up trash from the ground.
    • Following all checkout procedures and ensuring your apartment is clean upon your departure.
    • Encouraging others to live in Walker.

Help make UMBC a better place by:

  • Conserving electricity and water.
  • Participating annually in the Resident Satisfaction Survey.

Foster a Community of Learning

  • Check for emails from the Management Office and Residential Life regularly.
  • Carry your student ID.

In Case Of An Emergency

Should you experience an emergency situation while in your apartment, please call the University Police at 410-455-5555.

Please visit  UMBC Emergency Preparedness for tips on ways you can be prepared for emergency circumstances on campus.