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What is Housing Selection?

Housing Selection is the process by which students sign up for housing for the upcoming year. This process involves submitting an online application via the UMBC housing application, accepting an offer, paying a $200 reservation fee, and e-signing the licensing documents (including all financial paperwork, guarantor forms, and meningitis waivers).  Additional information regarding the housing selection process at UMBC can be found by visiting the University’s webpage here.

What are the eligibility requirements for living at Walker Avenue Apartments?

To qualify for residency at Walker Avenue Apartments, students need to be in good standing at University of Maryland, Baltimore County for the entire term of the license. Undergraduate students are required to have 39 credits recognized by UMBC prior to applying at Walker Avenue.  All residents must be enrolled full time at UMBC. Undergraduates must be enrolled in at least 12 credits. Graduates must be enrolled in at least 9 credits.  Any outstanding balances with Walker Ave Apartments or UMBC must be below $250, or a financial hold will be placed on the student’s account and they will not be able to participate in the application process.

How do I apply?

Students must go to this housing application link then enter their UMBC log-in credentials to apply. The student will need to complete the Walker Avenue Housing Application, and form a group, or remain as an individual applicant. Students are also required to submit a $200 Reservation Fee to secure their space.  Once the application closes, applicants and their group members will select an apartment through the UMBC Housing Selection process at their assigned time. Once the room selection process is completed, the student will receive an online Term and Type Addendum and Guarantor form through our electronic signature service called DocuSign.  Once the Term and Type Addendum and Guarantor Form are submitted, the student will be eligible for move-in.  The Reservation Fee will then be applied towards the Resident’s first License Fee payment.

*Reservation fees are payable by check, money order, or credit card made out to “Walker Avenue Apartments.”  Electronic transactions will incur a 2.5% processing fee.

I have questions about the Housing Selection process.

Students with questions about the Housing Selection process should visit the following Residential Life webpage.

If students are not finding their answers online, they may stop by our Management Office to speak with a staff member during business hours (9am – 5pm, M-F), e-mail questions to the info account:, or give us a call 443-612-7541 during business hours and we would be happy to assist.  Please also feel free to stop by one of our housing selection info sessions for additional in-person assistance.  You can find the dates for these sessions on the Residential Life website here.

Can I live with my friends?

Yes. During the regularly scheduled Housing Selection process, students have the opportunity to select their roommates. After completing your Housing Application, you will need to fill out the Walker Application. Only one member of the group should fill out this application: the “group leader.” You will need to “pull in” the other students who wish to live together. After you have done that, each student will need to log into Walker Application and accept your invitation to the group. Please note that you cannot add someone that has not completed the Housing Application or who is not eligible to live in Walker Avenue Apartments.  Only the group leader will be able to submit room preferences on behalf of the group, so be sure that the group discusses this prior to completing the application.  Current commuter students must be pulled into a group by a current on-campus resident in order to participate in the housing selection process in March.  Any commuter students who will not be part of a group with current on-campus residents, can submit an application, but will need to wait until the summer for a decision regarding potential assignment on campus.

What if I don’t have anyone specific I want to live with?

As part of your Housing Application, you will complete a Preferences section that will help us match you with other residents. You will receive your roommate’s contact information before they move in.

Why should I license with Walker Avenue Apartments?

Walker Avenue Apartments offers amenities and convenience unmatched in any off-campus apartment. The all-inclusive utilities mean that you will never be surprised by a high electricity or water bill. The individual licenses mean that you will never be obligated to make a license fee payment for a roommate. The fully furnished apartments mean that you will not have to buy or move furniture.  Each resident will receive a private bedroom,semi-private bathroom, and laundry machines within each apartment for convenience. The clubhouse is equipped with a large flat-screen HDTV, gaming system, and study tables for a quiet place to unwind. Beautiful green lawns surround the complex, and the outdoor sand volleyball pit and barbecue grills are just steps away in the courtyard.

By what rules must Walker Avenue residents abide?

Students living at Walker Avenue Apartments are bound to the same policies and standards as students living in other on-campus housing.  These include:

The Community Living Guide (,

Residential Life Rights and Responsibilities ( and

The UMBC Student Code of Conduct (

What kind of equipment is available to check-out?

There are a few items available to check-out at the Walker Avenue Apartments Management Office – the same place where you pick up your packages. We have available to residents for short periods of time:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hand Truck
  • Snow Shovels

Remember that these items are available to all Walker residents which means that the check-out period is short and that the items should be treated well.  If any item is not working properly, please notify the office staff right away.


Can I have a car at Walker Avenue?

Yes, all residents of Walker Avenue Apartments with a vehicle registered through UMBC Parking Services may park in the Walker Avenue parking lots. Walker residents who are issued parking permits by UMBC Parking Services are exclusive to the Walker community lots.  Walker residents have access to park in UMBC lots 20 and 21 only, which are immediately adjacent to the Walker community.  Living at Walker Avenue also affords you the ability to quickly and effectively utilize all UMBC public transit, as well as county and city buses.

For more information about obtaining a parking permit and parking regulations, please contact UMBC Parking Services (

For more information about the UMBC Shuttle Service, please visit UMBC Transit Services (

Is there visitor parking?

All visitor parking is managed through UMBC Parking Services (

How much does WAA cost?

Please visit our Floor Plans & Rates page for more information regarding the license types and rates associated with each type.  Please note that rates for Walker Avenue Apartments must be approved by UMBC, and are not typically finalized until March of each year.  Any rates shown on the website until final approval is received are considered proposed rates only, and are subject to change.  Please check back during March to obtain the finalized rates.

What is a Guaranty of License and why do I need one?

A Guaranty of License establishes a Guarantor for your license who agrees to be financially responsible should you fail to fulfill the payment obligations of your license. This person must be at least 24 years old. Guarantors must be U.S. residents and have a U.S. bank account. Students often, but certainly not always, use a parent or guardian as their Guarantor. The Guarantor must submit a copy of their state issued identification when they sign the Guarantor Form online via DocuSign.  All prospective residents are required to have a Guarantor, and will be unable to move in without a completed Guarantor Form on-file.

Can I use my financial aid to pay my license fees?

Yes, but you should discuss this process with the UMBC Financial Aid office. When completing your financial aid paperwork, please note that for the purposes of most financial aid funding sources, Walker Avenue Apartments is considered off-campus housing (your aid will not be used to pay the University). If you plan to use financial aid/scholarships to pay for housing at Walker, you will need to complete a Financial Aid/Scholarship Payment Plan Addendum every semester that you plan on using your Financial Aid/Scholarship refund to pay for your rent.  The Financial Aid/Scholarship Payment Plan Addendum is available on the Applications/Forms page. These Addenda are also available in the Management Office.


Your financial obligation to Walker is independent of your individual financial aid situation. By signing a license, you agree to pay the full amount, regardless of the circumstances.

Annual Licensees: Please be advised that your financial aid award may NOT be used to cover the summer portion of your financial obligations under the license.  Financial aid may only be used to cover the fall and spring academic semester portion of your license installments.

Is co-ed living permitted?

Yes. A limited number of apartments are designated as gender inclusive each term, based on demand for this arrangement.  All other apartments are designated male or female.  Those students who wish to live in a gender inclusive apartment arrangement should indicate this preference on their housing application.

Will I have to share a bedroom?

No, all Walker Avenue bedrooms are private. You can choose from a two, three or four bedroom-style apartment. Within every apartment there is at least one bathroom for every two bedrooms. At most, you will share a bathroom with one other roommate.

What if I cannot access the Housing Selection page or am having technical difficulties?

Contact Residential Life at or 410-455-2591.  If emailing them, be sure to include your name, student ID #, a clear description of the problem, and screenshots if possible.

Can I live in Walker Avenue just during the summer while enrolled in summer classes?

Walker Avenue Apartments does not offer summer only licenses.  Students interested in living at Walker Avenue Apartments over the summer must complete the Housing Selection process and select an annual license (June 2020 – May 2021).

Can I apply for housing if my group does not fill the apartment?

Yes.  If the size of your group does not fill your apartment, Walker Avenue Apartments staff will assign other students to the open bedrooms.  However, groups of 3 are restricted in the UMBC Housing Selection process.  Any 3-person groups interested in living together in Walker should contact the Walker Management Office to request assistance with the Housing Selection Assignment process at 443-612-7541, or by e-mailing